Generate and Send Digital Event Tickets to Attendees

Digital tickets offer a more engaging alternative to sending physical tickets as they allow for push notifications and updates to be sent to installed tickets. Tickets can then be sent to attendees via email, text message, QR code or other method.

Create and Send Mobile Wallet Event Tickets

| Why WalletThat?

Why Choose Digital Event Tickets?

WalletThat’s digital ticket solution provides an easier way to create, design, and send digital event tickets to event attendees. Here are a few ways that WalletThat provides an enhanced event ticketing experience through features and capabilities:

Pass Accessibility

Convenience & Accessibility

Preinstalled mobile wallet apps allow users to store and access their event tickets any time, even with no internet connection. This ensures that users can attend events hassle-free.

Game time Updates

Game-Time Updates

Utilize real-time updates to keep attendees up-to-date with event details, delays, or cancellations. Users also receive notifications, ensuring they are informed about changes to the event.



Tickets can be personalized with names, seating information, barcodes, and exclusive offers.


Enhanced Security

To safeguard personal information and prevent ticket fraud, the issuance links contain a unique ticket identifier and can be encrypted.

| Use Cases

Mobile Ticketing Use Cases

Our platform helps you to create a unique experience for your customers.

Music Festivals

Concerts and Music Festivals

Digital Theater Tickets

Theater and Performing Arts

Digital Sporting Event Tickets


Digital Amusement Park Tickets

Theme Parks and Attractions

Digital Tradeshow Ticets

Conferences and Trade Shows

Digital Museum Tickets

Museums and Exhibitions

Issue Mobile Wallet Tickets

| Journey

Event Attendee Engagement

Engaging with attendees prior, during and after the event. These engagement opportunities improve the overall event experience for your fans/attendees.

Prior to Event

Event Reminders

Event Reminders

Send reminder notifications to remind attendees about event details, such as date, time, and location, ensuring attendees don’t miss out on important information.

Event Cancelations and Delays

Event Cancellations/Delays

Send update notifications to attendees when an event has been canceled or delayed.


Early Access or Offers

Use push notifications to offer exclusive early access to event-related content, such as merchandise, agenda releases, and more. This creates a sense of exclusivity and encourages attendees to engage with the event before it even begins.

During Event

Ticket Upgrades

Ticket Upgrades

Offer ticket upgrades to VIP guests or specific guests who have installed their digital ticket during the event by sending an update notification to their mobile device.

Special Events

Surprise Events

Notify attendees of special or surprise events during an event, such as a surprise guest through push notifications.

After Event

Customer Feedback

Feedback and Surveys

Use push notifications to ask attendees to take surveys after an event to gather feedback and improve future events.


Follow-up Information

Share information after events, such as dates for future events or presentations. Let attendees know where to find this information through a notification sent to their mobile device.

Wallet Update

Update Tickets with Unique Content

After an event has ended, update tickets with exclusive content for future shows or events.

Integrate with Event Ticketing Software Platforms

Integrate with Event Ticketing Software Platforms

If you are already using an event ticketing platform for ticket issuance, simply connect your existing system to WalletThat using API, webhook, or third-party integrations. You can also utilize our email issuance integration guides to learn how to send digital tickets to attendees through email.

  • API

  • Webhooks
  • Third-Party Integrations

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