Enhance your Customer Experience with Digital Coupons

Create, personalize and send digital coupons for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. WalletThat’s digital coupon solution enables customers to store coupons in their default mobile wallet app, eliminating the need to download an additional app. Through push notifications and real-time offer updates, companies can create stronger customer relationships.

Send Text Messages to your Customers

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Create & Personalize Digital Coupons

Create digital coupons using WalletThat’s online Pass Template builder.

Coupon Personalization

Add unique coupon codes, exclusive offers, customer names, barcode values, and more.

Personalize Digital Coupons

Pass Design

Add branding for logos and background colors.

Design Coupons to Match Your Brand

Clickable Links

Add clickable links and longer messages for coupon offer terms and details

Add Clickable Links
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Integrate Coupon Code & Redemption Systems

Businesses can seamlessly connect their existing coupon code systems through various integration options in order to track coupon redemption and issue new codes. WalletThat provides comprehensive guides for businesses to integrate their current coupon code and redemption systems using APIs, webhooks, or Zapier.

Ready to Use Integrations:

Integrate digital coupons with email apps
Email Issuance Integrations

Send & Update Digital Coupons

Deliver coupons via text messaging, email, QR codes, and other methods. Bulk coupon updates can be made through the platform or individually via API. Customers can receive notifications on their mobile devices when their digital coupons are updated.

Issuance Integrations

We provide guides for the most popular email marketing providers to simplify sending coupons through email. If you’re looking to send coupons through email, check out our email issuance guides for your preferred email provider.

Encourage Repeat Customers & Purchases

Engage with customers through push notifications and exclusive offer updates once they have installed their coupon in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. Businesses can engage with customers for one-time use coupons and update coupons continuously with new offers.

Saved to Wallet

Coupon Installed

Customer installs the coupon on their mobile device


Customer Notifications

Customer receives location-based notifications and push notifications reminding them to redeem their coupon

Pass Scanned

Coupon Redemption

Customer redeems coupon in-store

Offer Redeemed

Coupon Marked Redeemed

Coupon is updated to a redeemed status and can no longer be used


New Promotion

Updated With New Promotion

Coupon gets updated with new offer or promotion

Customer Shopping with Mobile Wallet

New Offer Notification

Customer receives push notification letting them know about a new offer.

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