Build strong relationships with customers using Digital Loyalty Cards

WalletThat empowers brands and loyalty program vendors to create and issue mobile wallet, or digital, loyalty cards. These cards can be saved in the preinstalled apps, Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Build strong relationships with your customers with Digital Loyalty Cards

| Why WalletThat?

Why Choose Digital Loyalty Cards?

Apple Wallet and Google Wallet loyalty cards offer several advantages over traditional physical loyalty cards. Here are some reasons why they can be considered better:

Pass Accessibility


Digital loyalty cards are always accessible on customer’s mobile devices and can even be accessed offline.

Real Time Updates

Real-time Updates

Digital loyalty cards are updated in real time to reflect changes in offers, points balances, program details, redemption statuses, and more.

Customer Feedback

Customer Engagement Notifications

Send engaging messages directly to customers’ mobile device screens as a push notification.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Use digital loyalty cards to help reduce the consumption of physical materials, such as plastic cards.

| Our Features

Loyalty Card Design & Management Features

Our platform helps you to create a unique experience for your customers.

Pass Personalization

Personalize account names, member IDs, points values, barcodes and more.

Personalize Digital Loyalty Cards

Pass Design

Add brand logos, colors, and other visual elements.

Customize the Design to fit your Brand

Location-Based Notifications

Engage with customers who have installed their loyalty card.

Send Location Based Notifications to your Customers

Integrate with Existing Customer Loyalty Systems

By leveraging these integration methods, businesses can personalize digital loyalty cards using their existing customer data. These integrations enable businesses to update loyalty systems with new data as customers utilize their digital cards.

  • API

  • Webhooks
  • Third-Party Integrations
Integrate Point of Sale Systems

| Benefits

How Our Product Benefits You

Benefits for Brands

  • Using mobile wallet apps is more cost-efficient than building a custom mobile app

  • Customers will sign up for more loyalty cards due to the ease of storage and use

  • Brands can integrate mobile wallet loyalty cards into their digital marketing campaigns

  • Drive more traffic to stores with location-based notifications

Benefits for Loyalty Program Software Vendors

  • Have a strong wallet partner to assist in their go-to-market strategy

  • Grow revenue by providing additional loyalty card options

  • Enable sales teams to re-engage customers with new offerings

  • Increase brand participation by offering a lower cost compared to physical cards

| Journey

The Digital Loyalty Customer Experience

Store Visit

Store Visit

Customer signs up for Loyalty program.


Loyalty Card Sent

Business sends loyalty card through text, email, or other method.


Universal Smart Link

Customer receives and clicks universal smart link containing their card.

Device selection

Device Detection

Link detects the type of device to install the card into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Saved to Wallet

Saves to Device Wallet

Loyalty card gets installed and the customer can view it anytime in their app.

Customer Shopping with Mobile Wallet

Customer Earns Rewards

Loyalty card gets updated as customer earns points and rewards.

Get started today and create loyalty cards for Apple Wallet & Google Wallet