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Wallet API Revision History

Last updated February 03, 2020

Date Description
06/01/22 Added 7 new dynamic fields for Coupon and Loyalty Card Pass types. The new fields have been added to the following API requests for both Pass types:

1. GeneratePass
2. UpdatePassData
3. CreatePassIssuanceLink
4. UpdatePassIssuanceLink
5. CreatePassTemplate Layout 1
6. UpdatePassTemplate Layout 1
7. CreatePassTemplate Layout 2
8. UpdatePassTemplate Layout 2

10/14/21 Modified the “priority” param for the updatepassdata API requests to accept boolean true/false values rather than text true/false values, to make it consistent with other boolean variables.
08/25/21 Added new params to the generatePass and updatePassData API requests to store the meta data details for the pass. This includes the user’s email id and phone number.

Modified the generate and update Pass Issuance Links API to add the new meta data related params to the list of pass variables.

04/16/21 Moved the API KEY from the request to the request header section. All API request structures, examples and param tables have been modified to remove the “api-key” param and add the request header param “X-Api-Key” to be used instead.
03/03/21 Added a new mandatory param: pass-template-subtype to the CreatePassTemplate API for all Pass Types.

Added CreatePassTemplate and UpdatePassTemplate APIs for Loyalty Card Layout 2 and Coupon Layout 2 subtypes.

Added a new param for dynamic strip images for all Pass Types to the GeneratePass, UpdatePassData, CreatePassIssuanceLink, and UpdatePassIssuance Link API calls.

Added a new param called update-pass-data to the CreatePassIssuanceLink and UpdatePassIssuanceLink API calls for all Pass Types.

Added a new param called pass-update-notification to the UpdatePassTemplate API calls for all Pass Types.

Added new params for auto expiration settings to the CreatePassTemplate and UpdatePassTemplate API calls for all Pass Types.

Added notes to the UpdatePassData API to notify users that the barcode-value, additional-image, and strip-image params cannot be left empty.

01/08/21 Added API calls for the new coupon layout 2.
07/07/20 Pass-Ids are now unique per Pass Template, not per account.

A new parameter – “pass-template-id” has been added to the following APIs:
1. UpdatePassData
2. GetPassData
3. GeneratePassById
4. DeletePassData

05/05/20 Added a new Generic API: GetPassRelevanceInfo
03/09/20 Added a new Generic API: getPassIds
02/25/20 The generatePassById and deletePassData APIs have been moved to a Generic API section, since they are the same for all Pass types and have been removed from each pass type section. Also the sections for different layouts for Loyalty Card have been merged into a single section.
02/14/20 Made updates to generatePass, updatePassData, getPassData and getPassTemplate APIs for Gift Card.

The param “event-id” has been renamed to “event-number” in the request for generatePass and updatePassData APIs, and in the response for getPassData and getPassTemplate APIs, for Gift Card. Made updates to getPassData and getPassTemplate APIs for Loyalty Card. The secondary-rewards-tier field has been removed from the response of both the APIs, since the field is no longer supported by GPay.

New APIs added: createPassTemplate and updatePassTemplate, for all Pass Types, which can be used to create or update a Pass Template.

02/03/20 Added API calls for the new loyalty card layout 2.
01/27/20 Added new API calls for CreatePassIssuanceLink and UpdatePassIssuanceLink for all pass types.
Added new error codes for the Issuance Link APIs. Added a new section for encryption and checksum algorithms for the Issuance Link APIs.
08/22/19 Renamed the API param names, for ‘Event ticket’:
“event-gate” renamed to “event-custom-value-1”
“seat-section” renamed to “event-custom-value-2”
“seat-row” renamed to “event-custom-value-3”
“seat-number” renamed to “event-custom-value-4”
07/02/19 Added a new node called “reference-data” in the “generatepass” APIs for all pass types and the “installed” and “uninstalled” response examples for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
With the new node “reference-data”, the customer can add additional information related to the pass and passback the same information in the postback.
06/20/19 Removed error codes that were related to ‘reference-id’.
The following error codes were removed:
E813, E829, AND E833
06/19/19 Removed the param “reference-id” for all pass types from “generatepass” and “getpassdata” API requests and request examples. ‘reference-id’ has also been removed from notification examples and notification parameters.
Added a new node “priority” in the “updatepassdata” API. The node “priority” will add the update request to the front of the queue if it is set as true in the request. The node “priority” accepts the following values: ‘true’ or ‘false’
06/13/19 Added images to the introduction sections to display where each field used in the API calls appears on the passes for both Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
06/12/19 The section for Error Codes has been moved to the Appendix.
06/11/19 The section for ‘Expiration Timezone Names and Timestamp Value’ has been moved to ‘Appendix’. The section for expiration timezone names and timestamp values was added as a subsection in the Appendix.
05/30/2019 Removed the param “pass-status” for all pass types from the “generatepass” APIs.
05/16/2019 Added new introduction sections containing related Parameters to the specific pass type at the beginning of each section.
05/09/2019 Added the new param “pass-update-notification” for all pass types under the “updatepassdata” APIs.
04/02/2019 Removed the param “barcode-text” from “generatepass” and “updatepassdata” APIs.
03/06/2019 The param “expiration-timezone” has been added to the “generatepass” and “updatepassdata” APIs for all pass types.
03/01/2019 For Google Pay, when ‘expiration-timestamp’ is set for coupons and gift cards, the timestamp will appear in the app below the pass. If the timestamp is future dated, the label will display as “expires” and if it is backdated then it will display as “expired”.
The parameter “expiration-timestamp” will overwrite the pass expiration date set in the Pass Template Builder. If an empty value is passed or the param is not set in the request, the template value will be considered. For “expiration-timezone”, the timezone value will be considered only if the timestamp is set, otherwise, it will be ignored. The full timezone name is accepted in API calls. A list of valid timezone names is given at the end of this guide. The response examples for ‘getpassdata’ and ‘getpasstemplate’ APIs have been updated for all pass types. The “pass-id” parameter has been added to the error responses for all pass types.
02/08/2019 The “updatepassdata” and “generatepass” APIs now accept a parameter named “pass-status”. The parameter “pass-status” accepts the following values: “redeemed”, “expired”, “voided”, “active”.
Using pass-status values, excluding “active”, will expire the pass in both the Apple Wallet and Google Pay app. The status will also be displayed on the back of the Apple Wallet pass and the bottom of the Google Pay pass in the app.For Google Pay, when ‘pass-status’ is set to ‘expired’, ’voided’, or ‘redeemed’, the pass is displayed under expired passes listing in the Google Pay app.
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